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Server Rules

Post by bean on Wed Dec 07, 2016 4:46 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Server Rules Like a Star @ heaven
✩1. No ghosting ! (This includes false/self ghosting. The only hints you get are taunts.)
✩2. No hacking
✩3. No door blocking
✩4. Must be visible and killable
✩5. Do not hide under cars or beds
✩6. Spectator is Moderator+ only. If you join and refuse to switch, you will be warned and then kicked.
✩7. Don't abuse any bugs found in the maps, addons, or server.
✩8. No mic / chat spam
✩9. Please do NOT use the mic if you are under 13
✩10. No racial slurs / excessive cursing
✩11. No harassment
✩12. Please do not argue with the staff
✩13. Pick a team or get warned.
✩14. Do not hide in dead bodies.

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