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Staff Application Template

Post by bean on Wed Dec 07, 2016 5:11 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Staff Application Template: Like a Star @ heaven

Fill out this template and submit in a new thread to apply.

*24 hours to be considered*
*Mods have to be on 10 hours a week*


[Position you are applying for]

[Your Current in-game name]



[What languages do you speak]

[Server Play Time ww:dd:hh🇲🇲ss]

[Why would you like to be mod?]

[How long can you be active on the server a week?]

[How long have you been playing Gmod?]

[Have you ever been banned or kick in the past on The Weeb Closet (state reason)?]

[Do you have any past experience as a moderator?]

[Extra Comments]

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